SBS Eco-Fashion Winter 23 Collection: Striving for Greater Sustainability


As we evaluate the achievements of our Summer 23 collection, it's evident that our journey towards sustainability is an ongoing endeavor. While we were successful in conserving significant amounts of water and reducing CO2 emissions, the need for continuous improvement is paramount. This report outlines our commitment to raising the bar and setting higher goals for our upcoming Winter 23 Collection.

Achievements from the Summer 23 Collection

During the Summer 23 Collection, SBS Eco-Fashion made commendable strides in its sustainability efforts. Through the use of low-waste production techniques and sustainable materials, we were able to conserve an impressive 26,800 liters of water. Our dedication to carbon-neutral shipping, the use of organic materials, and the adoption of sustainable alternatives led to the reduction of over 48kg of CO2 emissions.

The Path Forward: Winter 23 Collection

With the Winter 23 Collection on the horizon, our focus is on driving further advancements in sustainable fashion. While we're proud of the accomplishments thus far, we recognize that there's always room for progress. Our goal is to exceed the benchmarks we've set, reaching new levels of eco-consciousness.

Key Areas of Improvement

  1. Material Sourcing: We're committed to sourcing materials that have the least impact on the environment while maintaining the highest quality standards. This includes exploring innovative fabric options and assessing the lifecycle of materials used.

  2. Production Efficiency: We're working to optimize our production processes to reduce waste even further. Through enhanced planning and streamlined production, we aim to minimize resource consumption.

  3. Carbon Footprint: We're exploring more extensive carbon offset initiatives and seeking to expand our use of renewable energy sources.

  4. Transparency and Education: We're dedicated to increasing awareness among our customers about the positive impact of sustainable fashion. We plan to launch educational campaigns and provide more detailed information about our sourcing and production practices.


As we embark on the Winter 23 Collection journey, our commitment to sustainability remains resolute. We acknowledge the accomplishments of the past and recognize that they fuel our determination to achieve more. By setting higher goals and continuously seeking improvement, we aim to not only make a positive impact within the fashion industry but also contribute to a more sustainable world. We invite our stakeholders, partners, and customers to join us on this path towards a greener future.